Participating Businesses

Bike Friendly Business Sticker Bicycle Friendly businesses reap many benefits. How?

By supporting bicycling in Baton Rouge you build customer loyalty for your business.

By giving up one automobile parking space you create up to 12 bicycle parking spaces in the same space needed to park 1 automobile. One new surface parking space costs around $4,000.00. A 1200% increase in parking capacity for 0.8% of the cost is a very good investment.

Bicyclists have been shown to buy less per visit but visit more often so that, over the course of a year, bicyclists spend more in your store.

Being part of a bicycle friendly district creates a multiplying effect for all the businesses in the district increasing sales for all the participating businesses.

By making your workplace bicycle friendly for your employees, you will have fewer employee days lost to illness and find you have a happier workforce.

Everyone benefits from being bicycle friendly!

Participating Businesses